Sleeping Pad Reviews


Giving you a comfortable night's sleep.


Ridge Rest

  An excellent closed cell foam pad. The ridges give you excellent insulation. Weighs about 14 ounces in the long version. Gives superb protection from cold ground, especially in snow caves. I prefer the closed cell foam over an air/foam mattress in the winter


Thermarest makes a wide variety of sleeping pads. They are a combination of foam and air, giving you the comfort of an air mattress with the insulation of foam.


They are self-inflating if you are patient. In theory they can puncture, and repair kits are available.


If cared for and put in a protective sack when traveling, you should get a lot of mileage out of one. Mine has been in continual use for about 10-12 years and has never needed repair.


It is best to store these out of the sack and with the valve open to maintain resiliency.


Personally, I like the classic, standard long version. My wife prefers the Camprest, which is a little wider, and about twice as deep. I borrow it when I'm car-camping!