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Jandd Mountaineering, Inc

  I’ve had a Zoor Alpinist for about 8 years. No problems. It is a tough summit, ski or overnight bag and a good companion. The materials are the best and the workmanship is superb. Mine has been in slot canyons and mountain tops. Very durable. It’s great for the lightweight backpacker. You could go 2-3 days if you stay light. I added a couple of straps to the daisy chains and strap my Thermarest to the outside. My down sleeping bag and bivy sack fits neatly inside, with plenty of room for a jacket, gear and food. My first aid kit goes in the inside pocket so I always can find it. The telescoping spindrift collar allows you to adjust the pack size to fit what you’re carrying. The padded back helps too. It’s a keeper.

Zoor Alpinist

Type: Rucksack, top loading

Size: 2706-3781 cu. in.

Pockets: 3

Weight: 2 lb. 10 oz.

Price: Approximately $160


   You can’t go wrong with the Jansport products. They’re priced right, well thought out, and have lots of features. My wife has a Ranier and my son has a Yosemite. The frames are very adjustable. My daughter used the Ranier on a climb to Kings Peak, 13,500 feet. Of course, we left the packs at our camp at 10,000 feet! It was her first four day backpack trip. She out hiked half the boys and had nothing but good things to say about the pack. No problems.


The Yosemite is a great pack for an organizer. With lots of pockets it has plenty of room for the long trip. My son has had his in the Windrivers for six day trips. One was a sixty miler. The first time he used it his only complaint was it could carry more than he could. My favorite part of the Jansport packs is the narrow, though tough, tubing, which allows them to be lighter than similar volume packs.


Type: External frame, panel loading

Size: 4250 cu. in.

Pockets: 6

Weight: 4 lb. 2 oz.

Price: Approximately $90 (last seen on eBay)


Type: External frame, panel loading

Size: 5450 cu. in.

Pockets: 9

Weight: 5 lb. 9 oz.

Price: may not be available any more


The Moraine reminds me of the Zoor Alpinist, though it can hold a little more and has external pockets. I’ve seen two of my Varsity Scouts use them for six day backpack trips, though I wouldn’t recommend it unless you travel really light. Both also used them on a 50 mile trip and finished in fine style. The pack is very durable and functional for the price.


The RedCloud is a well built internal frame pack with lots of features and comfort. It combines the virtues of an internal frame, but has all the pockets, features and organization capability of an external frame. You get a lot for your money. Should last for many years.


The Redwing is more of a comfortable day pack, but I’ve known it to be used for trekking. It’s very well organized and built well for the price.


The Yukon is a light-weight external frame pack, perfect for the new Boy Scout. Advantage--it can grow with the young backpacker. It is fully adjustable, has a comfortable hip belt, and can hold about any size sleeping bag and foam pad. It has plenty of pockets for optimum organization.


RedCloud (Dad there are several of these with different numbers)

Type: Internal, top loading with pockets

Size: 5000-5800 cu. in.

Pockets: 7

Weight: 6 lb. 6 oz.

Price: Approximately $

Moraine (3300?)

Type: Internal, top loading

Size: 2900-3400 cu. in.

Pockets: 4

Weight: 3 lb. 6 oz.


Redwing (50?)

Type: Internal, panel loading

Size: 2400-2900 cu. in.

Pockets: 4

Weight: 3 lb.  1 oz.



Type: External frame

Size: approx. 4200 cu. in.

Pockets: 8

Weight: ~3 lb. 10 oz.